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of critical issues. and by the frontline journalism fund. >> smith: in late 2009, an army intelligence analyst stationed in eastern iraq logged onto a classified server. >> you see all those people standing down there? >> that's a weapon. >> yeah. >> smith: he opened a file that had been flagged by army lawyers. >> ...have five to six individuals with ak-47s. request permission to engage. >> smith: it was footage taken from a us army helicopter gunship. >> light them all up. >> come on, fire. ( machine gun fire ) >> hey, roger! ( machine gun fire ) >> keep shooting. ( machine gun fire ) >> keep shooting. ( machine gun fire ) >> all right, we just engaged all eight individuals. >> oh, yeah. look at all those dead bastards. >> smith: very soon after, daniel domscheit-berg, who was working with the whistle-blowing web site wikileaks, saw the video. >> you got a bunch of bodies laying there. >> we also have one individual appears to be wounded, trying to crawl away. >> it was this poor man, crouching through the streets for his life. >> getting up. >> does he have a weapon in his hand? >> no, i ha
to report that her roommate, mr. smith, was suffering from psychological problems, had been drinking, and was taking medication. in her request for the police, this johnson indicated mr. smith was not known to carry weapons and that she wanted vice from officers on how to deal with mr. smith. she needed assistance based on his behavior. officers brodericks suguitan and samuel fung arrived at the scene within four minutes. officer suguitan and fung were met by the woman outside of her porch. officer suguitan observed at the front door of the residence was open and stepped inside. officer suguitan noticed mr. smith and mr. rios, an additional roommate, were standing face to face having a conversation. both men were approximately 7 feet in front of officer suguitan. officer suguitan looked at both men and stated, how are you doing, we are here to help. mr. smith and mr. rios both faced officer suguitan. immediately, officer suguitan realized mr. smith's and were behind his back and concealed from officer. officer suguitan directed mr. smith to "show me your hands." instantly, officer su
in free verse and about black smith, west african black smith. they were thought to be magicians. 1725, oh molly in the west africa. the drums -- be ware of sea birds, be ware of men that steal up the river through the great forest. and into the savannah lands. the moans and groans, hundreds, thousands stolen, we rarely speak the taken, i will this time because you have asked. come back, back, back, far edge of memory. we recall them and they are black smith, by all accounts a master craftsman, worthy of praise, honored as a powerful magician. one who could speak the old names of the mother elements, earth, fire, water, wind. they would do as bidding, think. people sing praise songs. he was a gifted black smith. he is not remembered for that. he is best remembered for being a loving father. when his beloved wife died only after a year and embraced his newborn son, i will raise you myself. the elder women with argued against it saying you'll grow up wild without a gentle hand of a mother, a gentle hand to guide him. must divide by custom, take another wife or give the baby to a mother who i
, but she did know that from now on, she had a new name. they called her pepper. pepper smith. she was not yet five years old. >> we lived in cars and motels and going from state to state, staying at salvation army to get a meal here and there. >> what's it like to live in a car? >> horrible. embarrassing. >> she was confused, of course, and terribly frightened at first. she begged, take me home. shirley ignored her. she imagined running away. >> i had nowhere to go. and i was too scared. >> then as the weeks and months and then years went by, as her powers of reasoning grew, the question grew, too, did her mother bobby actually give her away? shirley told pepper that renee was her sister. the two girls listened wide eyed as she explained to strangers that she was their grandmother, that their parents had been killed in a car accident. >> i knew that everything that was happening to us was completely wrong at a very, very young age. >> why had she been taken? she didn't know, not for money certainly. there were no ransom demands. and without pepper's birth certificate, shirley coul
-ramp is closed at fruitvale. we've got a live san behind me. there is a fatal accident and nick smith is there and will be covering start to the rest of the morning. >> good morning. we're looking at temperatures in the mid 50s in san francisco. a warming trend is under way today right after the weekend. >> also the family of missing nursing student will hold a vigil today. >> it is 4:31. thanks a lot for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm kerry eric thomas. >> a fatal accident on an offer ramp in san jose. >> we have a ramp closure. 880 freeway is open in both directions in oakland. as we mentioned there is a police investigation ongoing with this fatal accident. off-ramp 29th remains closed and remains closed most of the morning. we've got a live shot. let's take a look and see what is happening. once again, police are on the scene and nick smith is there and covering most of this. 880 freeway is open. 23rd avenue, if you've got to get on and off the freeway, 23rd avenue because the 29th, this was taken earlier this morning, 29th off-ramp and will result very slow traffic on 88
with the territory. oprah: it comes with the territory. willow smith's new single, "21st century girl," is available today on itunes. [cheering] oprah: so i would like to say thank you for being a great cohost. you were great. wasn't she great? [cheering] oprah: so poised. so poised. you handle yourself beautifully. you really do, really. and thanks to all of our talented kids. thank you. take a bow, everybody. bow. bye, everybody. thank you. great job. [captioning made possible by king world] [captioned by the national captioning institute] 0ñ0ñ0ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñx
moving forward. they hope to have jimmy smith signed by leaders tonight. they will have all of their rookies in camp. ray lewis starting his 16th season. he said he was cycling to get into better shape in the off- season. the second round pick to woys smith -- tory smith. he was one of many suffering cramps in the afternoon due to the humidity. it will only worsen tomorrow. the only way you get in shape for football is by playing football. >> there is no other training that is way to get you into football training other than football. that is dead. you have to react to everything on the move. nothing is -- that is it. you have to react to everything on the move. nothing is predetermined. you have to be excited about where we are going. >> plenty of young players to feel excited about. john harbaugh, coming up in sports, talks about the surprise benefit from the lockout. >> a long promised education building is about to go up in baltimore county. >> a few showers and thunderstorms on hd doppler. a warm front is making its way through the midlantic right now. >> by this time
de la ra bajel republi lamar smith, aprobo un proyectoa al enfrentan deportacion. al inmedt e.sotel proyecto de ley promovida por el republicano lamar smith, tambien autoriza la detencion indefinida de s personas con residencia legal que hubieren cometido algun crimen, asi como de personas que soliciten asilo en este pais,sotel anho 2001 la corte suprema emitque los inmigrantes cuya deportacion ha sido ordenada no pueden ser detenidos por mas de seis meses. segun esta abogada, la legsilacion estaria yendo encontra de dicha determinacion.sotpero la situacion va mas alla, segun el foro nacional de migracion, la medida seria incluso incostitucional.sotlamar smith promotor de la medida trato de minimizar el alcance de este proyecto es solamente para extranjeros que quieren ingresar al país, si ellos son peligrosos, si creemos que son una amenaza a la seguridad nacional, no queremos que sean puestos en el congresista smith tambien se apresta a presentar otra por anualmente n legal de 50 mil personas del mundo el ejecutivo y una delegacion del condado de montgomery viajaran a el
apartamento el ocho de julio... melvin smith se habria dado a la fuga, pero fue detenido en pensilvania... el cuerpo de tranice richardson de 33 aÑos fue encontrado sin vida en su vivienda en frederick...el sospechoso tenia una relacion amorosa con la victima y aparentemente tenia por lo menos un hijo con ella... smith esta en espera de ser extraditado a maryland... les robaron y los secuestraron ... miembros de una familia en herndon vivieron los dramaticos entos hombre ingreso a su apartamento responsable.. este vecindario en herdon, virginia se le conoce como un lugar tranquilo y seguro pero anoche todo cambio .. y es que un hombre entro a uno de estos apartamentos secuestro y robo a una familia alrededor de las 9:30 de la noche tawny wright "el sospechoso ordeno a las victimas que entraran a su coche y puso al padre en el baÚl y le dijo a el amigo que mana area no es muy segura" por casos como este es que es necesario que usted siempre tome las correspondientes medidas de seguridad tawny wright " siempre hay que mantenerce vigilante de su alrededor, siempre cierre las puertas y nunca l
to the susan smith trial . prosecutor argued that smith's two young son got in the way of a relationship with her boyfriend. she drowned them by putting them in the back seat of a car and let them drown in the lake. caylee got in the way of casey's hard partying life tile both defendants lied to authoritis and sent them on a wild goose chase even though they knew they were not actually missing. >> i want to find him and keeping my faith they will be okay. >> but one big difference. the jury in the susan smith trial found her guilty and sentenced her to life in prison. joining me is the prosecutor from the trial tommy pope. he is now a member of the south carolina house of representatives. thank you for joining me today. i want a reaction to what the professor celebrate. it was poignant as a defense attorney he did not celebrate even when he got an acquittal. >> as a prosecutor and attorney you are human and by the same token we deal in tragedy and would i disappointed on the case and didn't turn out absolutely. would i be excite federal it did turn out. it is really about justice. there
>> reporter: i'm nick smith. a traffic pursuit ends in a fatality. i'll have a live report. >> starting out with low fog around the bay. we'll be warming up today through the weekend. >> i'm sue hall in the traffic center. we've got a sig alert and a fatal accident for 880 commute. we'll have all the details coming up. >> it is 5:00 on this wednesday. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> plan for a detour this morning if you normally take the 29th off-ramp off of 880 in oakland. that is closed right now due on to a fatal accident. nick smith is live at the scene with the story for us. nick? >> reporter: i guess it's important to mention that no other areas will be affected at this time. investigators are still on the scene. take a look at some of the video we shot moments ago. chp were at the intersection of 55th and international when they spotted the driver of this white sedan driving erratically. a police pursuit ensued before the driver crashed in 80 minutes off of exit 29 off of 880. >> our officers saw a driver driving erratically on international boulevard. they w
ended for the jimmie smith today it -- today. because smith missed all the off-season workouts, he will be behind. smith is such a competent young player, it does not seem like he is in any rush to live up to the expectations that always surrounds and number one draft pick. >> i notice a lot of pressure. to me, i am going to go do what i can do. i will go out and play the game that i play. for theyear's top pick ravens, sergio, back on the practice field today for his second day. despite the hot conditions that he had to face, he finds himself thinking there is no place he would rather be down in a raven's uniform. he missed all of last year because of a freak accident, a fall that left him with a fractured skull. that has cost him much of the hearing in his left ear. he would gladly trade practicing in 100-degree heat than anything he went through a year ago. >> it felt great. i had my feelings about coming out for the first time. i was expecting for it to be a great feeling. when you have not done football for so long, when you get out there and do actual football, it is bad. i a
code red day f it comee on the heels of two &&pheet related deathh. joel . smith is live at arrool park o 3&pwatching muchhmore than just good morning joel d.. &p3 good moning patrice, (aa lib) codeered is a 3ddsignation by the city hat -3 cooling centers willlbe open today, but there's another code to think about too... &pthe air qualltt index is a term we're getting used oo hearing, but really what is it? yesteeday was code red day, today ii forecast to be code range. most of us, just know it's hot riggt? right? thatt' why 3riiht? righh? 3 that''swhy we seek out things liie water or & ssowballs. - but here is more to it than & puut heat and umidity. these pollutants are alrrady in the air, buu theii -pcmbination with heat creates a chemicaa rraction ttat &preleasss the toxins into our -33 breaatable air. that is why or many peoplee thess hoo days are muchhmore han just & theyyrealll re poisonous, ann dangerous. so controll the amount of time you are outside today, and remem
?&. the ravens ssgn jimmy smith... find out how much the ravens first round pick will make... next in sports... next on the latt edition...why thissfitness ccaze... is catchinggon with some men ...and we've seen ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. 3&...anddwe've seen plenty of stories where women are using pole dancinn to ssay n shape. some guys ii china are taking requires the use of the bs, arms aad upper body. it's catching n because now yyu can siin up for the wwrkouu at the ggm.the classes are xpeesive in china... thhe cost betweenn600 nd 12- hunnred bbcks a year hey everyone i'' morgan adsit. what a nightmare for the ravens on daa twooof praatice the entire time....with temps hanging around 99 egrees. &pthese guys getting in shape one way or another. another.the story out of prafted rookies hav
at this photograph. this is melvin smith the prime suspect in this homicide. police say this is out the first time he has been involved in a murder case. >> grieving friends and neighbors are taking comfort from this makeshift memorial. >> that is a lovely -- he was a lovely, a beautiful person. balloons candles tribute to denise richardson who was shot and killed here saturday evening. this witness saw richardson arguing with a man around 7:25. then more people gunshots. >> i saw a man come out of nowhere in shoot her. >> has been identified as melvin smith, her boyfriend and the father of one of her four children. >> we are considering his -- him armed and dangerous. court records show he is a decade-long criminal record, including manslaughter for killing a man when he was 16. >> he was trying to -- she was trying to break it off with him. it ended in her murder. records show he got a court order protection against smith in 2009, but it expired a week later when she failed to appear in court >> he came into this kind to a woman that was a victim. >> police say his appearance is the
biological daughter... after spending the last 40 years apart. ronique smith was snatched from her san diego when she was just an infant. for the past ffw decades... she's lived on the run with the woman... who recently dieddnow after years of searching for her true identity... smith was re- united withhher real mother. smith says: "i feel for the first time in my lifee like a whole person no longer fragmented."-bbtt to-smith sayy: "i didn't even know my own name, i ccoudn't find who piwas so how could i locate my mom, iis a miracle." miracle."d-n-a tests were ttkkn... prrving the biological connection between smith and coleman. the baltimore grand prix is fast approaching, and now we're getting a better picture of what to expect downtown in the days and weeks before the big race. officials are holding information sessions this wwek on the topic... ... but will our local driversslike what they heer? joel d. smith is live on what will be the race course... in downttww.. , to find out. d. good morning patrice, intersection of light and e - location where the grand prix 100 mph.
as stanford and serena williams in her third event of the year. 6-0 and 6-0. alex smith has agreed to a 1-year deal to return to the 49ers. the question now is will he have competition? smith can't resign until friday, but it has reported that the former number one pick has agreed to $5 million. he showed a lot of leadership during the lockout. if anybody can revitalize smith's career. it might be the new head coach jim harbaugh. alex will be back, but are the niners going to bring in another vet for competition or insurance? long-time seahawk matt hasselbeck not going back to seattle and supposedly talkingwith the 9ers and titans. will the 49ers sign smith and hasselbeck? we will find out. spikes is going to the chargers. spikes is an asset on and off the field with the niners topping 100 tackles and he was a great mentor for patrick willis, 14-year veteran. he has never made the playoffs. 49ers opened camp this morning at 7:00 a.m. somebody let him in, please. a lot of the niners had not even met harbaugh until today. walker getting acquainted. >> we just smiled, talk and shake hands. i'm g
.. since the lockout began.joel d. smith is live at the ravens practice facility in owings mills.. where they're hitting the field for the first time. time. since they're holding it for theefirst time ever in owings mills, that applies to you can see, they were actually laying down turf yesterday.they have also set &pup dozens of cots around the complex ffr players to restt between workouts... workouts...david reeddand ramon harwwood were the first to report on this, the firrt day facilities have been open since the lockout's sam koch and morgan coo coming in just before the nfl mandated 10am report time...the players spent the day taking physicals, meeting witt the medical staff and just basically getting ready for the opening of camp today... everything's happening very fast, but ray rice sayy that won't have much of an effect.... it feels great to be back.. felt good to run a &pconditioning test now you can finally get to work. work.theewaiting.. espt getting down to crrnch time.. then you start to think biggerpicture... march theee was aq ...then you get to a t
forecass... emily?& . 3 the ravens ssgn jimmy smith... find out how much the ravens & first round pick will make... next in sports... 3 next on the latt edition...why thissfitness ccaze... is catchinggon with some men 3 ...and we've seen ?y?y?y?y??3 3& ...anddwe've seen plenty of stories where women are using pole dancinn to ssay n shape. some guys ii china are taking it up, tto pole dancing requires the use of the bs, arms aad upper body. it's catching n because now yyu can siin up for the & wwrkouu at the ggm.the classes are xpeesive in china... thhe cost betweenn600 nd 12- hunnred bbcks a year 33 hey everyone i'' morgan adsit. what a nightmare for the ravens on daa twooof praatice at owings mills.the sun out -3the entire time....with temps hanging around 99 egrees. &pthese guys getting in shape one way or another. another.the story out of 3 prafted rookies have officially signed and are on theepractice the missing piecee... the ravens first round ppck... cornerbbck jimmy smith inking a 55year 3 7.4 million, includingga 3.
in baltimore ... and it comes on he heels of two heat related deaths. joel d. smith is live at carrool park to eeplain why we ssouldd e watching much more thannjjst the temperature today. ood morning joel d. 33 gooodmorring 3 patrice, ad lib) code red issa designation by the - city that cooliig centersswill 3 anothhr code to think about too... the air quality indee is a term we're getting used -3 to hearing, but really what is & today is forecast to beecode orange. -& 3 3- 3 news. fox 45 orning news. -3 ,3 3-3& 3 news. fox 45 mornnng park, joel d..smith, fox 45 morring news. 3 an amber alert is issued for a missinngchild in southhest - baatimooe.police are lookkng por 8--ear old darricc chhrles brown junior.megan gilliland & is live along gwynn avenue, where the litttbe boy was seen & being abducted. pbducted.good morning patrice -3& take a good ook 3 at this picture here. 3 phis is darrick chalres brown 3 9-1-1 tapes... from the ight two teens were pttuck by a it aad run driver... give a glimpse of night. 17 e
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sessionssthis week on the topic... ... but will our local drrvees like what they hear? joel d. smith ii livv on what will be the race course... in downttwn.. , tt find ouu. good 3 3 take a look attthis all- out brawl inside aacourthouse in tacoma, washington.marrele henderson s accused of murder and was being led to trial... when riends of the victim stormed past officers and &pthrrw the man to the ground.. kicking his head!officers had to use tasers to stop the caught n camera. first it was actress mila kunis... now it's ustin timberlake who's in the out by a u-s asked - kunis was asked to attend the marine corps ball... by a soldieerwho posted the request on youtubeeher co-star in a new mmvie... justin timbbrlake... urged herrto say yes.noo... he's the one getting the request... from corporal kelsey e santis... who posted a similar video... asking justin timberlake to be áherá date.take a listen. ic: so justin, you wanna call out my girr mila?oc: cry me a river... river... no responsseyet from timberlake. where dooyou use your i-pad?a new study out of the univers
accident that begin with the chp chase. nick smith is live at the scene. reopening soon hopefully? >> reporter: yes. we also know the exit will remain closed for the next 45 minutes or so. the car is over my shoulder. that white honda was involved in the high-speed pursuit. the driver was ejected. i want you to take a look at video. chp were at the intersection of 55th and international when they spotted the driver driving erratically. they pursued for eight minutes before the driver crashed at off-ramp exit. once the driver was ejected hoos he was rushed to the hospital. >> our officers saw a driver driving erratically on international boulevard near 55th avenue. they were concerned about his well-being. they attempted an enforcement stop. the driver failed to yield. a brief pursuit ensued. driver left the surface streets and traveled on to north 880. and attempting to exit the freeway at 29th avenue. >> once he was ejected he was rushed to highland hospital where he was pronounced dead at highland hospital. when investigators arrived they found open contains containers of alcoho
casey anthony with murder. >> the prosecutor who got susan smith guilty, on proving beyond a reasonable doubt. >> they also admitted there's not enough evidence to prove that even though i strongly believe it. >> how does the jury separate feeling that and jurors from inside the scott peterson trial take us inside the jury room. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: welcome to the special edition in new york city. and since i've last been with you, i've had some of the biggest news in my life. as of july of the 2nd, i am a grandfather. i'm pretty happy about that. [applause] >> i want to tell you about my newest addition, this is chan letter james huckabee. he's 7 pounds 2 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long and i happen to believe he he might be the most beautiful baby and he's saluting and ready to be a five star generation and three generations of us huckabee and we are he' excited. i plan to be the most obnoxious grandparent in the history of mankind. so, i hope you enjoy seeing pictures each and every week of my grandson and i'll show pictures and jean way after we show
steve say....the scorching heatt s back today. joel d. smith is live at the inner harbor with the latest stats on how deadly this summer haa been already, and how to keepp it from getting worse. 3 3 ((pat))- will bge do its peak rewards &plast week?ay like they did police re on the lookout for suspects... accused of setting a 5-month old cat on happpned tuesday... in baltimore city. city.twwomen were walkiig aaong llewellyn ave... when &pphey saw the burning kitten run by them.they say the cat then rolled on the ground... putting the fire out itself. the two confined the kiiten... now known as "hope".... until animal conttol arrived.the kitten was then brought to barcs... barely clinging to &plife. (19:20)you can see where hee skin is tarting to slouuh off and all he kin on her backs beginning to fall off right now.....and we just hope she makes itt.. information about this baltimore city animal control at 410-396-4468. baltimore's fire training academy is in danger of losing it's aacreditdation. accreditdation.last week the suspended aater the state found pos
was quarterback alex smith, signed a one-year deal yesterday, but can't deal yesterday, but can't practice until ethics deal yesterday, but can't practice until ethics ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> according to the associated press the nfl players association has returned to being a union and is negotiating the finalzvÑ items, such as drug testing, disability and pensions. they have until next thursday to wrap this up. so free agents can return to work. 49ers got their prize yesterday, resigning quarterback alex smith tie acone-year deal from $5 million. some detractors will say, oh, gosh, here we go again with alex smith, but with most free agent quarterbacks already committed to other teams, the niners needed a veteran, but under the new cba alex cannot report to camp until ethics nurse, a week of playing catch-up for alex. >> a weird situation. great to be out here. finally signed, but came out and can't do anything. you know, it's the
if it's an accident or arson. >> i'm nick smith live in the newsroom. the senate judiciary committee will hold a first hearing on the possible repeal on the defense of marriage. >>> here is a live look from downtown san francisco. notice the flags are not moving since the lack of clouds. we're going to get off to a quick start. could be the warmest day this week. >>> good morning, i'm sue hall. we have a sig alert in affect for the peninsula. >> good morning. it is wednesday. 4:30 right now. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks a lot for joining just firefighters in mountain view are looking on into the cause of an overnight blaze of a uchtd hall truck lot. it started overnight sending dark plumes of smoke into the air. we're told 8 u-haul trucks were burned if the fire. there were no reports of injuries. it shut down el camino real for a couple of hours. >> a bill that would repeal the defense of marriage act goes before a senate committee for the first hearing one day after picking up the support of president obama. nick smith joins us live in the
'm nick smith and i'll have a live report. >> also this morning, firefighters on the peninsula get unexpected wake-up call. a car comes crashing into a fire station door. >> here is a live look, clouds and drizzle, cooler weather. feels more like january than july outside. we'll talk about how much the temperatures will drop the next couple of days. >> i'm sue hall, we have an issue with a sig alert in daly city we'll tell you about and another high wind advisory on the bay bridge. >> bart says trains should be rolling normally this morning following a large protest that disrupted service in san francisco last night. today two separate review panels will look into the deadly bart shooting that sparked the demonstration. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. had late last night, a crash at the front door woke them up at a fire station an suv came off a ramp and plowed into one of two doors at fire station 27 on de anza boulevard. investigators say they believe the woman behind the wheel may have been driving under the influence. she was taken away in an ambulan
judd and many more. tonight look at actress and playwright, anna deavere smith, in her program, called "let me down easy," and then j.j. abrams on his list of projects, "super 8," one of the biggest box office surprises, thank you for joining us, coming up now. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we all know. it's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where wal-mart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. with every question and answer, help tavis improve financial literacy and remove obstacles to economic empowerment one conversation at a time. nationwide is on your side. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: please welcome to anadeavere smith to this program, on her addition to the acclaimed show, one time jackie, it runs from july 20, and now from a scene of "let me down easy." >> i want to apologize but we can't find your records. could you tell me what kind of cancer yo
on the number one draft pick, jimmy smith. he reported to practice this afternoon. with no off-season practice is to prepare him for today, smith did not know what to expect at his first nfl practice. while he looked relatively comfortable, smith admits after last night, he did not feel very comfortable getting ready to play. >> i got up about 10:00 last night and ran a couple of miles. after that, the practice came. it was a tough day, but i think i got a lot of work done as far as learning defense. >> typically do not want to run a couple of miles the night before training camp. >> pete gilbert has more on what could turn into one of the more amazing turnaround stories of the season. >> sergio kindle manageress second straight day of football practice. after a skull fracture that threaten not only his career but his life, we have to wonder if he might ever play again. sergio did not. >> you get certain answers from doctors when you ask certain questions like that, but they could tell me one thing but i will always feel differently about it. >> sergio kindle wonders what the first real hit wi
trying to find their way. smith is struggling out of practice today. those struggles will continue for young players this year. >> it was a good practice. but we have a long way to go in a very short time. the up side of that is so do a lot of other teams. >> the people that will be affected the most will be the young guys. they do not have the time and the opportunity anymore to really grasp those things. everything is fast. if you are not a great study here, you fall behind. if you are a quick -- are not a quick learner, you fall behind. >> jimmy smith remains the only pick from the draft class who has not signed a contract. john reed signed his deal to date and reported to practice. they hope to finalize the deal with smith tomorrow. he cannot afford to miss the preseason. we expect to see nfl bets on the move this summer. this one leaves you shaking your head. the patriots have reportedly pulled off a deal to acquire ocho cinco. the receiver now plays for the ultimate personalityless coach. sinco will likely have to tone down his act. a new setting awaits eagles quarterback kev
life behind bars. this is the happiest day rose smith has had in two years. >> oh, i think it's delicious. >> reporter: in march of 2009, her daughter and granddaughter were murdered. jason scott charged with killing them. leaving them in the trunk of a car, found guilty in federal court monday on burglary, firearms and child pornography charges, sentenced to a minimum of 97 years. though the murder trial won't start until fall, for smith knowing he'll never get out of jail is enough. >> i always say, can't nobody do nothing like god. and the lord worked this thing out. >> reporter: the cousin celebrating monday with a round of phone calls and texts. >> call some of the friends and your friends. >> reporter: in the three-week trial, federal prosecutors showed jurors this map with all the areas where scott admitted to more than 50 burglaries and 9 home invasions. they say he was increasingly violent, selecting the victims online and through a database at the landover u.p.s. facility where he worked. >> thinking of the criminals prosecuted in the recent years he seems to be one
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